High Class Glass specializes in the following:

  • ​Window cleaning using NO toxic chemicals, our own mineral-free water, and a water-fed pole system (exterior). Screens are cleaned for free with all exterior window cleaning jobs, if desired.
  • Glass surface cleaning (such as mirrors, fish tanks, etc.)
  • Gutter cleaning & clog prevention
  • Pressure-washing for building exteriors, concrete surfaces, etc.
  • Hard water stain removal or improvement (glass only, depends on severity)
  • Solar panel cleaning

We offer FREE, no-obligation, on-site quotes

We do not price our work using "flat rates" as we do not feel that is a fair way of charging our customers. In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we quote your job based on just that - YOUR JOB. The final cost will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your home/building, the number, size and location of windows, the severity of build-up, obstacles that may make the job more time consuming, and the services requested. For that reason, we only provide firm quotes on-site. Most times, we can do the job the same day if you are happy with the price. If you'd like a "ballpark" figure in advance, just send us a text message that includes, at minimum, the address of the property, size in square footage and number of levels, and the services you are interested in. If you are comfortable with the ballpark range we give via text, we can move forward with scheduling the final quote and job completion.

We REWARD our repeat customers and those who send us referrals!

Continue to frequent High Class Glass and you can take part in our "Repeat Customer Rewards Program" in the following ways:
      Reward #1: Have your service(s) performed at least three times in one 12-month period at regular    
                              prices and receive 50% off the same service(s) on our next visit!
      Reward #2: Have your service(s) performed at least six times in one 12-month period at regular 
                              prices and we'll perform the same service(s) on our next visit for FREE!

Send new customers our way and you can earn Referral Rewards!
       Receive a $50 High Class Glass gift certificate when THREE new customers complete and pay  
       for their first service and tell us that YOU referred them. The customer must give us your name as 
       their referral at the time of their first service.​ Use the gift certificate yourself, or give it as a gift!

What we have to offer...
We know maintaining your home can be costly, time consuming, and physically demanding...but believe it or not it does not HAVE to be! High Class Glass is here to help you with many of your home maintenance needs at prices you can afford.